6Port Aransas beach is the biggest attraction for most vacationers and residents alike. The beaches of Port A begin at the Port A jetties and runs for six miles to the south with eighteen miles of public shoreline on Mustang Island, all of which is open to street legal vehicles. Horace Caldwell pier is about a mile south of the jetties and is a favorite spot for fishermen and surfers. The pier has paved parking and no parking permit is required to park here or the area between the pier and the jetties. To park on the beach elsewhere a beach parking permit is required. The permit is $12 and can be purchased at local convience stores or from venders located on the beach. The parks and recreation department sponsors a beach walk on the fourth Friday of each month to explore the many shells and sea life found on the beach. The walk begins at 9 am from Horace Caldwell pier at the end of Beach St.


4 3Fishing Also at the top of the list of most popular things to do in Port A is fishing. With a reputation as being the fishing capital of Texas, there are many boat slips, piers, and marinas to go after the various species of fish that can be can be had in the Port A waters. Along with access to the bay and laguna madre , where trout, black drum and redfish are some of the most popular fish to target , the jetties offer fishing in the open, offshore waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Offshore fishing is one of the most popular attractions in Port A and there is great fishing year round, although summer is the most popular time with a greater variety of fish to go after during the summer months, including kingfish, dorado, ling and red snapper. There are also numerous fishing tournaments held year round with over twenty tournaments hosted during the summer months. One of the oldest and most popular tournaments is the annual Deep Sea Roundup, held each summer in Port Aransas, it is always one of the most popular events of the summer and attracts anglers from all over the country.


2Watersports When you are finished fishing, swimming and relaxing at the beach, there are other activities to do while in Port A. Of course there are many other water sports to enjoy here. From surfing to kayaking, snorkeling at the jetties to cruising along the coast on a stand up paddleboard or kite board, the waters of Port A’s bays, beaches and waterways offer a multitude of water sport options.




1Sightseeing There is an abundance of wildlife to see along the coast of Texas. There are many species of birds to see as well as a multitude of sea life, including the endangered ridley sea turtle. In Port Aransas in particular, Dolphins are plentiful and are seen in the local waters quite frequently. They are very inquisitive and may come close by to check you out. Seeing these beautiful animals as well as the other creatures that make the Island and the surrounding waters their home is sure to be an exciting experience and a memorable highlight of your beach vacation.




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